Optimal Analytics is a software development/analytics team that fuses technology and individual expertise to empower decision-makers faced with complex questions in rapidly changing environments.

We support customers in both public policy and commercial arenas with services that range from business intelligence to open-data reporting, and standards that meet federal requirements for data security and 508 compliance.

Our team provides expertise in cloud computing, DevOps, web development, website design, testing, data analysis, report generation, dashboards, workflow and much more.

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Business Intelligence

In this era of abundant data, information drives the decision-making process -- but first it needs to tell a story. We transform your raw data into understandable, actionable intelligence with data analysis, report generation and interactive dashboards.


Data Science

Overwhelmed by a flood of Big Data? We have the tools to refine your data until its vital insights and critical discoveries are revealed. We apply logical models to clarify your data, and use machine learning and fuzzy logic to help you improve your data.

Document Analysis

Data Management

We keep your data secure and compliant with standards. Backup processes ensure your data will never be lost, while our security features keep it safe. Our data cleaning services identify corrupt data for correction or elimination, scrub duplicate data, and transforms data so it maps appropriately. Our data validation services ensure the quality and accuracy of your data and make sure it adheres to the standards you’ve set, particularly when moving from one system to another. We make sure your data meets NIST, FedRAMP Moderate and FISMA guidelines, as well as 508 compliance.


Mobile App Development

Make your data accessible everywhere -- on phones, on tablets, on the go. Our mobile app services, which include cross-platform coverage, visualizations and social media integration, cut the ties to desktop computers and put your information in your user’s hands, wherever they are.


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Software Development

We use our expertise in content management system, web development, testing, devOps, agile and design services to meet your needs. We created our signature software, Revelo, to provide a smart data repository with data collection, analysis and customized reporting functionalities that integrates with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) environments.

Open Data Reporting

Government entities are moving rapidly toward open data, making their information freely obtainable and available for use by the public. We remove sensitive data and block embargoed information so the rest of your data can be made public, in a process that involves multiple stages of review for to ensure confidence in the results.


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