Why Us??

Optimal Analytics brings the people, tools and services you need together under one roof. Our wide range of offerings means you won’t have to travel from company to company, piecing together services to meet your needs. We offer experts working end-to-end to deliver all the products you require, using rigorous methods, streamlined processes, and proven technology tools.

Our clients benefit from our background in data science and research. We have a deep understanding of statistical methods, including randomized trials, time-series analyses, and Bayesian statistics. We unite the fields of computer science and social science, working with the researchers within our company to ensure your product is based on correct methods.

Optimal Analytics stays on top of tech trends. We’ve developed software products currently in use at multiple government agencies, are adept in multiple programming languages, and offer a fully mature DevOps lifecycle through design, development and support.

Our unique structure lets us quickly transform your data into rigorous and accurate nonpartisan insight, so you can make the best decisions at the right time.

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